What's the grace way to remove a worker?


Is fly prune-worker the way? That’s the only way I found from concourse doc to remove a worker. If there are still running containers, will ATC work for running containers to terminate?


See https://concourse-ci.org/worker-internals.html. You want to retire the worker.


It is not work for me. Try to retire worker, but it is still on the list in command fly -t asdf ws. As I understand you need to do land before, but it doesn’t work also, got the error https://github.com/concourse/concourse/issues/2195. Did you ever tried to retire worker? Does it work for you? What is you flow, how do you retire it?


As explained in that thread:

You can either land or retire a running worker but you cannot retire a landed worker.

Worker lifecycle:
running --> landing --> landed -->(heartbeat again) --> running
running --> retiring --> retired(deleted from DB altogether)
running --> (no heartbeat) --> stalled --> (heartbeat) --> running ....


How to make a landed worker to be running again?


After you land a worker, if you don’t stop the worker process it will just heartbeat again and will eventually switch to running state.

If you do stop the process, and assuming you don’t change the name of the worker, then when you restart it, the worker will start the heartbeats and will switch to running again (eventually).


Hello. I don’t fully understand how to retire worker right. I tried to run concourse retire-worker, but it was not work for me. fly shows worker as running multiple time, and after some time fly stop showing worker as running. I didn’t understand how it works. Cause I tried to run concourse retire-worker like 10 or 20 times, and in random time worker remove from fly ws.
My main task is make auto prune for worker, so when worker node terminated, they should deleted and not showing in fly ws


Maybe I don’t understand correctly, but should command concourse retire-worker remove worker from output of fly ws utility?
What the workflow to correct retire worker (I need the same functionality as fly prune command).