Welcome to the Concourse community!


This is a central hub for Concourse users, operators, and developers to communicate.

We’ve launched this forum to have a place for permanent and long-form discussion. We also hope to foster community growth for contributors and operators, so that it’s not just all-support-all-the-time.

We recommend using the #support category for open-ended questions, pipeline design advice, and troubleshooting. Support of this nature is easier to implement via persistent threads than in real-time chat, so we recommend making topics here if you don’t expect to get a quick answer in Discord.

In the #dev category you can get started on your journey to being a Concourse contributor, by getting all the help you need before submitting your PR. Feel free to propose something you’d like to work on early and ask for guidance before committing. This is also a great place to discuss feature requests and new ideas.

If you’re running Concourse and you’d like to share campfire stories or need help putting out a fire, jump in to the #ops category! This is a pretty distinct use case from actually using Concourse, so we figured it warrants its own category.

We’re still working out what categories we should have, and welcome any suggestions in #site-feedback.

See you around!