Validating every commit of Github PR


In our company we run with the rebase merge strategy which has one issue:

If a single commit is not compiling (or worse: multiple bad ones in sequence, with one “fixup” commit) git bisect becomes useless.

So to prevent this, we want to validate every commit against our testset.

How can I make sure every commit of the PR is validated?

Is this possible without re-writing the ?

Anyone done this before?


I’ve seen promising-looking alternative Github PR resources in the wild:

I haven’t used either, so I couldn’t comment on suitability. But both appear to do what you need.


Have you set version: every on your resource?


The first (telia-oss/github-pr-resource) looks very promising, the open suse ones does not look too well integrated, it does not provide an out step.


Actually, no, I - tbh - did not know this existed. Thanks!


Another option is to squash commit and do small PRs, which has the advantage to get rid of tons of useless commits :slight_smile:


Not necessarily, sometimes a few things are pre-requesites for a feature, but not really directly releated but a independent component.