Use concourse to pull image from docker hub and push to a private registry


I’m able to pull an image from docker hub using concourse.

I’m also able to manually push this image to a private docker registry. In concourse, I’m able to pull the image from this private registry.

I would like to push the image from docker hub into the private registry using concourse.

How do I accomplish this?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Hello @ashankar, welcome to Concourse!

Are you sure you really need to do this? A private Docker registry is able to function in mirror mode, see for details.

Among the many howtos, see for example

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the welcome note and reply to my question.

I am not sure if it is necessary or not.

Could there by security restrictions on pulling from a public registry?


Hi Marco,

Could you tell me how to push an image pulled from Docker Hub into a private registry?

I was trying various tasks/steps but couldn’t quite get it.


You would need to configure a resource for the image in the private registry using the docker image resource or the new docker registry resource then put to it after getting from dockerhub.

Ok thanks. I’ll try it.