Upgrade 4.2.3 directly to 6.0.0?

We currently have a Concourse 4.2.3 installation and are finally at a point where we will upgrade. If our target is v6.0.0 (or whatever is latest), should be just do a direct upgrade or is it better to pick a few versions in between?


I think the direct upgrade might work but its probably better to go to 5.x first. There were quite a few major changes between 4 and 5 and there are some breaking changes between 5 and 6 so splitting it would make debugging issues much less challenging.

We had success by doing the upgrade in steps by paying attention to the upgrade paths supported by the Postgres versions corresponding to each concourse version.

Good ideas. Thanks for the info!

+1 to the recommendations here. Officially the only required intermediate upgrades are v3.6.0 and v4.0.0, but there are definitely some breaking changes around v5 that might require you to tweak some config along the way. In general, the release notes are reasonably good at describing the breaking changes for each upgrade so you may want to read through all of them!