Unable to reach to UAA while deploying second concourse web server

Hello All,

we have deployed the concourse in a bosh environment and to achieve a high availability we are now adding the second concourse web server however when we run bosh -e env-name we can see the concourse web server is not coming up.

I went into one of the concourse web server log /var/vcap/sys/log/credhub/ found the error unable to reach UAA server.

anyone tried deplying the second web server .

btw we have used this git repo to deploy concourse

integrate it with credhub

Hello All, Can anyone help me how should i setup a second concourse web server. As i wanted to put the load balance in front of these 2 web server.

let me know how I can configure / setup up the second web server.

Errors like this are usually either a misconfiguration in your manifest or network issues.

Since you can get onto the failing vm, you could try using curl or nc to connect to the UAA from that vm to diagnose what is going on. If everything is set up correctly you should be able to reach the vm the UAA is on on port 8443.

What was the error you saw in /var/vcap/sys/log/credhub/? Did you see any corresponding errors in the UAA logs?

Also FYI there’s an ops file in the concourse-bosh-deployment repo for colocating Concourse so you don’t have to use the archived Pivotal repo.