Unable to compile fly


I’m unable to compile Concourse Fly. I receive the following error message:

root@mrbasil-scratch:/home/u0_a54/gopath/src/github.com/concourse/fly# go build
# github.com/concourse/fly/vendor/github.com/concourse/skymarshal/gitlab
vendor/github.com/concourse/skymarshal/gitlab/client.go:48:82: too few values in struct initializer

I’m compiling with Go version 1.0 and have check out concourse/fly tag tags/v3.13.1-rc.25

Any help would be appreciated!


Go 1.0 is pretty old. Have you tried using a more recent version?


I meant 1.10…

In any case I was able to hack up the vendor directory after running dep to get this to build.