Triggering a Pipleline from another pipeline

We have some common library pipelines and we oush the jar at the end of th epipeline to artifactory.
As soon as new version gets pushed to artifactory, we want to trigger downstream applications. I know one way is to use sem-var functionality but is there a another way like executing a fly command from pipeline.yml or listning to artifactory so that if something new is pushed the listener pipelines gets triggered?

Thanks in advance!

Between, I have tried below approach but it is erroring out for me.

It’s exactly the purpose of Concourse resources. I don’t know if there’re some Artifactory/Maven resources that can check new versions. But it mustn’t be too much difficult to create it. After all it’s just three scripts.

Otherwise a more simpler solution is to use a S3 file where you push the new published versions. It’s easy to setup.

what I’ve ended up doing to run an entire pipeline is to have a file called .trigger_file in the top directory of each repository and then I simply write the date and a message into the file and commit it back.

To make this work without pulling the entire contents of the downstream repository, my script runs
git clone -n --depth 1
git reset HEAD ~~~otherwise git thinks I deleted everything
git add .trigger_file
git commit
git push