Trigger a second job/pipeline after time interval

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about an interesting problem we’re struggling with. We’d like to have a job (or another pipeline if that’s easier) to be triggered a certain period of time (i.e 2 days) after a first job/pipeline has ran successfully. I’m probably missing something obvious, but the only thing I’ve come up with is using the experimental cron resource ( and, when our first job succeeds have a job that sets a second pipeline with a specific value for the cron expression. This does feel a bit over-engineered though. Any suggestions would be very much welcome!

I needed something similar albeit 1H not 2days.
You could do:

    - name: wait1
      - get: node1
        trigger: true
        passed: [merge1]
      - task: wait1
          platform: linux
            type: docker-image
              repository: alpine
              tag: latest
            path: sleep
              - 172800
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Hi Muttley, thank you very much! We haven’t implemented this yet (I was also told on Concourse Discord, that doing something like this is a potentially bad practice). Sleep does look like a good way, I wonder if there could be any potential issues with setting the time to 2 days

'ello stranger!

The problem with sleep is if the task gets interrupted, and it could also prevent upgrades from happening if workers need to finish all tasks before getting shut down.

You might be able to knock up a custom resource pretty quickly that is a bit more safe. You could put a timestamp to it, which would get persisted somewhere (Git? S3?), check would read that file, and then emit a new version if the current time is greater than the time in the file. get wouldn’t be much use here.

So when pipeline #1 finishes, write now + 2_days to a file, get this custom resource to put it, and then have another pipeline that is triggered on new versions of that resource.

Smuggler might help you iterate on this:

Oh, hey DJ!

Thanks, that is interesting, I didn’t know about that resource, will try to set it up like that.
So far, my best idea was to use the Concourse cron resource with a parameterized time expression and reset the expression in Vault in the first job and then have the second job to be triggered by that cron resource.