Tracking pipelines status from desktop tray



I am just wondering if anyone know of any project that attempts to add a kind of desktop tray tracker for concourse in the style of hudson/jenkins tracker(

The basic functionality would be to alert me while working on my PC by showing an icon in the desktop tray. Would prefer it to work for both Linux and windows. I cant find anything while googling but wonder if anyone here has heard of something similar that would make it easier to work with unless you always want a browser opened.

While on the topic, another solution that could be useful would be to be able to track your pipelines from the phone in some kind of app, giving notifications etc.

Thanks in advance!


You can have Slack Notifications about your Pipeline, whether its failed, completed etc.

Refer this link:



I’ve never encountered a desktop tray tracker resource for Concourse. Its not a bad idea though.

You could implement your own resource if none of the existing resources fit your notification needs.


Actually i don’t even think you need a resource for that that you write in the Pipeline.
Should be possible to implement such a tray using the fly cli to observe what is going on in you Concourse.