Too many pipelines in view at once, how to have separate screens?

I’ve got 105 pipelines which makes for a very crowded UI.
everybody needs to be able to see all the pipelines but not all at once.
is there a way to group pipelines together so as to have different screens.

I read up on targets, teams and groups, and none seem to do what I actually want. And to be honest, I find these names confusing. teams appears to be an authentication thing which I would normally refer to as groups. Groups appears to be an arbitrary set of jobs but not pipelines, I’m not sure what you’d call them, maybe job-sets or job-tags? And targets, well, this strikes me that it should have been called host or concourse-host?

also, I find it hard to believe that this request:

has been outstanding for three years.

maybe I should have mentioned we’re using ldap auth,

Just to test I made some teams and then moved the pipelines into the different teams by mangling the database. This simply divides the screen into sections, and doesn’t help because I can’t collapse the view of the pipelines in each team.

The other thing I’ve realised is that command line login doesn’t work with ldap accounts, you have to interact with concourse web. This gives a 400 error:

$ read -s CIPASS
$ fly -t aa login -c  -k -u "$USER" -p "$CIPASS" -n DevOps