Tip: Using Concourse behind AWS ALB and NLB with SSL

I’ve recently gotten concourse working cleanly with AWS ALB and NLB so I’m going to share how I did it in case others are looking to leverage AWS ACM for securing their web servers.

Route53 (DNS)

ACM Certs

  • *.example.com

ALB - Shared Load Balancer with HTTPS Listener

Listener Rules:

Listener Certs:

  • ACM cert for *.example.com

NLB - Shared TCP Load Balancer

  • TCP Listener for port 2222 goes to concourse-tsa target group

Target Groups

protocol: http
port: 80
heath check:

  • protocol: http
  • port: traffic-port
  • path: /api/v1/info
  • success codes: 200

protocol: tcp
port: 2222
heath check:

  • protocol: tcp
  • port: 80
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