Terminal usability problems with `fly intercept` on Windows workers


Hi all,
From the beginning we have experienced several severe problems using fly intercept to debug tasks on Windows workers. Typically, when a developer wants to see what went wrong with the task, their workflow begins by running fly -t $TARGET intercept -u $BUILD-URL powershell to get a terminal into the task environment. Most of our developers are using Linux and are therefore running this command from a Bash shell.

Unfortunately, the resulting terminal is so buggy that it is practically unusable. Some of the problems include:

  • backspace doesn’t work
  • the terminal output is mangled when the terminal window is too wide (wider than roughly 80 characters)
  • the scrolling doesn’t work well or is inconsistent

Has anyone else experienced these issues? Does anyone know of any solutions?

We are using Concourse 4.2.1, and I’d be happy to provide additional details.


For those interested, I discovered a workaround to this problem:

If you run fly intercept powershell from Powershell on a Windows machine to intercept Windows tasks, then the shell should work fine. This includes Windows VMs.

Unfortunately running fly intercept powershell from Powershell on Linux machine has the same effect as running if from Bash.

We managed to get fly intercept powershell working from within Powershell in Ubuntu 18.04 by installing it with snap:

snap install powershell --classic

It did not work in Ubuntu 16.04.