SSL certificate not used


Hey all,

We are currently using concourse on a docker container to be used as our pipeline. Everything works so far but whenever we try to connect to our sonarcube server, it gives us the “PKIX path building failed” and “unable to find valid certification path to requested target".

Now the concourse server uses a .yml file to setup the pipeline and whenever we run the sonar from within our own host, it works after added the cert to the jvm keystore. But on the linux server, we added the cert to the keystore and Concourse does not pick it up whenever the sonarqube runner is launched.
We use:

  • name: sonar-runner
    type: docker-image
    repository: cathive/concourse-sonarqube-resource
    tag: 0.6.0

how can we add the ssl certificate to this resource so that it connects with our sonar server?