Setting Pipelines for other Teams when logged into Main


When I login as my main team administrator, which is authenticated as Local Auth, I set a different team which is using GitHub OAuth. However, when I login using my admin, they cannot set teams when logged in to the new team. However, I can log back into the main team, and set pipelines which are only available to the main team.

Is there a way to have Admins logged into the main team set-pipeline's for other teams? Since they are admins, I would figure yes, but I’m not seeing any direct confirmation from the fly CLI.


The main team is only admin in the sense that it can create and manage other teams. As far as pipelines go it’s just like any other team in that members can only see the pipelines that they have been given access to.

The upcoming RBAC features may help you accomplish what you want eventually.


Bummer, I wish this was in effect now, it’s very exciting.