I’ve deployed Concourse to an AWS EC2 instance and I can hit the applications home page via port 8080. However, when I attempt to log in, it redirects me to http://localhost. Now I understand that this URL is set in the file and this is used by docker-compose up, but do any of you know how I can override this, other than by changing it in said YAML file. Thanks in advance guys! :slight_smile:

You said you deployed Concourse to an AWS EC2 instance – usually when people say something like that they mean that Concourse is running as a system service on Linux, say, in systemd like in our smoke tests.

But if you’re mentioning docker-compose.yml I’ve gotta assume that this EC2 instance is just a docker host and you’re actually running Concourse inside docker-compose on that machine. If that’s the case, then I think the answer may be for you to add an additional docker-compose.override.yml, which is just a feature of docker-compose:

By default, Compose reads two files, a docker-compose.yml and an optional docker-compose.override.yml file. By convention, the docker-compose.yml contains your base configuration. The override file, as its name implies, can contain configuration overrides for existing services or entirely new services.

Not truly understanding how your Concourse is deployed or what your constraints are (for example, why do you want to avoid changing that YAML file?) I guess I’m shooting in the dark a bit… but I hope this helps!