Self-reference in passed crashing the UI

If you accidentally fly a pipeline with a Job that has a get step with a dependency on itself, this will successfully fly but will crash the UI when you try to load the pipeline. For example:

- name: my-job
  serial: true
  - in_parallel:
      - get: artifactory-repository
        - my-job
        trigger: true

Ideally this stuff should be caught during set-pipeline since it causes the UI to just crash without an error. This github issue states, it was fixed in 5.1, but we are running 5.4.1 of Concourse and still seeing this issue:

Hey @shinmyung0, if you haven’t already, this sounds like something that could be opened as a github issue here:

Wait so is this forum only for general questions? For filing bugs should we always do it in the github?