Scheduled pipeline that can also be triggered manually?


We periodically have pipelines that not only are scheduled but also need to be run manually.

I’m following the concourse-pipeline-samples repo (specifically, 02-multiple-time-triggers).

Since the scheduled cadence is weekly, I realized that the pattern isn’t all that great since all resources must have a version available for the task to start.

Is there a better pattern or any suggestions for how to do this? Particularly painful when adding the time trigger to the pipeline under development.




We use Concourse among other things to kick off batch jobs.
What I usually do to get going is first set the schedule to like a minute into the future.
Then once I have a version available in the resource I change the schedule to what it should be. Once there is a first version in the resource you can start the job as often as you like manually by clicking the plus button.

Not a fancy solution, but for me it works.



Thanks! Sounds like a good strategy. I was hoping I was missing something but likely not. :wink: