Running a cluster without running .sh



I’m really keen to avoid using the .sh command as it would require a step more automation than any of the other apps we run on our docker swarm. It’s not clear to me why lots of production ready apps don’t require this but Concourse does.

But I love the look of concourse and I’m keen to try it. But the quickstart seems to only work on localhost. Is there anyway to host a cluster and have them run on a network that they trust without authentication between nodes in the cluster?


Quickstart is intended for standing up a local Concourse to test it out before deploying in a more involved way. In order to run it so others can access it you can use a number of methods.

I’m not sure what you mean by running an .sh command since Concourse is distributed as a Go binary not a shell script. You can see the base installation instructions in the docs. One of the big pluses of Concourse is that it doesn’t dictate one way to run it so you can find a way that works for you.

There’s also docker compose

Or for more resilience there’s bosh and helm.