Resource script '/opt/resource/check []' failed: exit status 1

When I run this simple pipeline to use concourse/concourse-pipeline-resource, I keep running into the following error:

resource script ‘/opt/resource/check []’ failed: exit status 1

Logging to /tmp/concourse-pipeline-resource-check.log088829991
2020/05/01 04:50:42 exit status 1 - error: forbidden

Not sure what’s wrong with the following pipeline. Might have to do with the team configuration because up until now used custom resources from a quay repository, but haven’t used a resource from a pubic GitHub repository.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

groups: []

  • name: my-pipelines
    type: concourse-pipeline
    insecure: “true”
    • name: main
      password: xxxxx
      username: xxxxx
  • name: concourse-pipeline
    type: docker-image
    repository: concourse/concourse-pipeline-resource
    tag: 3
  • name: download-my-pipelines
    • get: my-pipelines
      trigger: true
      version: every

What version of concourse are you running? The error: forbidden message looks like the sort of thing fly spits out any time it gets an auth-related error, and this often happens when the login flow implemented by the server is out of sync with the one fly is using.

$ docker run --rm concourse/concourse-pipeline-resource /opt/resource/fly --version

Yep, I have a bad feeling about this…

EDIT: for what it’s worth, if you’re using concourse >= v5.8.0 you might have a better time using the set_pipeline step.

Hey Jamie, so I checked that both on concourse and fly CLI that I am on v5.2.0
Not on v5.8.0 so don’t think I can utilize set_pipeline
But yeah from what I see when I execute that docker command you provided, that one is 5.3.0 as opposed to my 5.2.0