"resource_caches" table contains old data


Hello Concourse team,

We’ve been using Concourse 4.2.1 and we noticed that sometimes the tools runs builds with git resources which point to old commits. We managed to create SQL dump from the PostgreSQL from the last occurrence and it revealed that “resource_caches” table indeed contains some git resources which are pretty old. The git resources extracted from the problematic runs could be found in the “resource_caches” table. Actually there are just a few git resources there - around 15. Half of them are literally latest commits and the other ones are from the beginning of the year, the are also some from 2018 and 2017. All entries are related to the same git resource, or at least the source hash is the same. Could you share some insights regarding the contents of the “resource_caches” table and if the described behaviour is expected and what circumstances would trigger it? Many thanks in advance!

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sorry I cannot help, but this seems related to https://github.com/concourse/concourse/issues/3324. You might want to comment on that ticket also.