Replacing the oci executor / configuring the executor

I am currently looking for ways to replace the executor of garden with a custom executor.
This would be just a cheap way of getting GPUs to be mapped into the containers by using the executor underneath garden as displayed here

My questions really boil down to if it is possible without touching the whole stack to replace the executor?
And if not, is it possible to feed a different configuration (such as mounts, CAP_* flags and whatever runc itself understands) into garden to manually enable arbitrary physical devices into the container.


Hey @dranhr,

I’m sure the Concourse team can answer this question much better than I can, but I figured it might be worth letting you know that the Garden team are normally very responsive and love chatting about things, and you can find them on the Cloud Foundry Slack:

This was a classic version of RTFM :slight_smile:
gdn server --help
has the option --runtime-plugin= besides a few more, I have yet to test this though