Postgres migration failing in 5.0

Since the update to Concourse 5.0.0 the web job in the web worker is failing to connect to the database. Also in /var/vcap/sys/log/web/web.stderr.log we are seeing this message: “failed to migrate database: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority”.

The certs for the external postgres database have not changed and we’ve double verified that we are setting the path right using the ops file. We did notice that with this change there are environment variable files being created in /var/vcap/jobs/web/config/env/ folder, and gleaning from the latest bosh release, we should have a file in there for the postgresql.ca_cert; however, that file (CONCOURSE_POSTGRES_CA_CERT) doesn’t exist in that folder. From some cursory reading of code I’d guess this line is not evaluating to true:

We’ve been thoroughly checking our configuration but it seems we are setting things correctly. Thanks for any help.

We ran into this same issue. It turns out, our postgres_ca_cert variable stored in credhub was of type value, when it needed to be of type certificate