Possible to create pipeline on concourse startup?


We are currently working on deploying our entire cluster (applications/tools/concourse etc) from code and have hit a bit of a hiccup with concourse.

Our current steps roughly (lots missing but you get the idea) look like this:

  1. Spin up infrastructure/kubernetes cluster using terraform
  2. Use weave/flux to lookup helm charts from a git repository and deploy them into kubernetes (This includes concourse - which we use the ‘official’ concourse helm chart of)
  3. Manually run fly set-pipeline to deploy a pipeline which reads a git repository of all the other pipelines and set-pipeline on those to create them in concourse.

I was wandering if there was a way to set an initial pipeline on concourse startup (or run a script as part of startup) to load an initial pipeline so we can remove the manual step in 3.

An idea we’ve had is to deploy a container that runs fly against concourse to load the initial pipeline but prior to doing that was wandering if there was something pre-existing we could use.

Hope you can help,

No, nothing pre-existing. There’s some plans for bootstrapping from a repo on the roadmap https://blog.concourse-ci.org/core-roadmap-towards-v10/