Pipeline for Yocto/Bitbake builds?



I would like to setup a Concourse pipeline that will let me run Yocto builds.

A clean build takes about 4-5 hours with my 2.5Ghz i7 blasting at full capacity the whole time. It keeps a work directory that uses about 60Gb of disk space. If you keep the work folder around subsequent builds are considerably quicker.

How can I setup a pipeline that clears the work directory like only in the weekends?
Can I auto-scale a high powered worker just before a Yocto build starts somehow? Our other jobs are much, much more modest and I don’t want to waste heaps of money on keeping a high powered cloud instance on we only use a couple of hours a week.

All tips and tricks a very much appreciated.


Spinning up EC2 workers for a build
Large build directory


this is a though one! Maybe you can try a mix of approaches:

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caches look like they might work for OE build dirs. @erikhh – did you ever try this?