Passing variables to Tasks


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Referring to

it seems the only way to pass variables to a task by file is by using environment variables. Is this true?

However, what if the resource in my task file is a docker-image which requires a password. This password is in VAULT however I cannot pass the password to the task file as an environment variable as that’s not usable…

  type: docker-image
    repository: myrepo/debian
    username: user
    password: ((password))

So how can I use task files and at the same time pass vault credentials down to the task file (not the shell)

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Concourse supports Vault. Refer to Once you have configured Vault when you start concourse web, Concourse will try to look for ((password)) from Vault.

A sample project at


Thanks. However the question is about when the task is in a separate file. For example I got the task file in a separate git repo like ‘common-tasks’. Then I want to pass variables to that file. From vault or anywhere else…