Not able to login to concourse UI


Hi Team,

I have deployed concourse latest version with “add-local-user” parameter changes on kubernetes environment

value: test:$2y$12$mLCjC0r4AIoJxuvRHlxgs.D4iCawcKcOmdRFZpx./JU0iWx3Td7kW

When I try to login to the concourse Ui, its redirecting to the below url:



Login issue in 4.1.0

We had this same issue. Tracked it down to a “Server Misbehaving” error in the ATC logs. Our server hostname was not resolving correctly. Fixed the DNS and we were able to login.


Thanks for the info. We happen to be running it exclusively in our local network on a local IP - with this setting: CONCOURSE_EXTERNAL_URL=

Are there any additional (new?) DNS settings for this setup to work?


We are facing the same issue running the “add-local-user” setup on BOSH as cluster using concourse-bosh-deployment.

The landing page of Concourse displays but when i attempt to login, i receive a timeout.

Checked the atc logs and couldnt find anything special.

The tsa logs show the following error message:

{"timestamp":"1534151749.651492119","source":"tsa","message":"","log_level":2,"data":{"error":"Post dial tcp connect: connection refused","remote":"","session":""}}

This is how our Concourse cluster looks like:

Deployment 'concourse'

Instance                                     Process State  AZ  IPs          VM CID                                   VM Type
db/e71d2095-b0ba-45fa-bc3b-738362e2c73f      running        z1  vm-83e705cd-3e5b-436f-a97d-67a892e94649  small
web/0577db48-bd59-4230-b963-8ef7e78e53df     running        z1  vm-c8ce4647-2bc4-433a-9933-3e8d65821938  medium
worker/1c13a2c1-4bc4-4d4e-81ec-e7fa7cb8ccb6  running        z1  vm-e4ebca76-bf33-43dd-a381-2db54c36cec6  large
worker/f0caf503-ff3c-4bc1-b06e-35d4b29b145a  running        z1  vm-c3de76b9-9aa3-4867-ac47-3f0c4ed86633  large

We are running the cluster on vSphere so there are no sec groups that could cause the conn refused from the IaaS side.


@gdenn, did you make any progress ?


@marco-m we could solve the problem, it was related tot he problem with he external-url which we configured wrong.

After setting the external url to our domain and performing ssl termination by our ha-proxy (concourse was complaining about the self signed cert) everything worked as expected.