No Resource Types on Mac Worker

I’ve started up a worker on a mac to be able to do things such as iOS builds. I’ve noticed something odd though, it seems the darwin set of binaries for concourse doesn’t have the “resource_types” folder that the linux package has. As such it seems like it may be limited in what it can do (like not being able to use git to download repos via resources).

I tried copying the files for the git resource into a resource_types folder and restarting the worker, but it doesn’t seem to pick up on it as it still states there are no resource_types on the worker.

Is this by design/intended?

The Mac worker by default does not have any resource types, but workers are able to stream resource volumes between each other, which means that my Darwin worker is able to do iOS builds as long as some Linux worker in the cloud is able to do the get step first (and they are part of the same ATC cluster).


Is there a certain way to set this up? I presume I need a second worker (I’ve been testing Mac workers for iOS builds in a small test setup). Is there anything else I’d need to do outside of ensuring they’re in the same cluster and they can speak to each other?

Hey @reskin89
As long as both workers are registered with the web node and show up when you run fly workers, you’re good to go.

The workers themselves don’t have to be able to talk to each other, the traffic between them is streamed via the web node for secure transmission.