No changes to apply

Hello, I have set up concourse 5.3.0 on EC2 instance and logged in as admin of main team on my local using fly cli. When I am trying to set-pipeline I am seeing “no changes to apply” and not able to create any pipeline further.

Hello, welcome to Concourse!

“no changes to apply” means that the pipeline configuration file that you are attempting to set is already equal to the pipeline known to Concourse (via a previous set-pipeline).

The following sequence of commands will ALWAYS give you “no changes to apply” on the second invocation:

# assumption: we start with no pipelines at all
# (or more exactly, "fly pipelines" will not return "foo" among its output)
# first:
fly -t vm set-pipeline -p foo -c bar.yml
# second:
fly -t vm set-pipeline -p foo -c bar.yml
no changes to apply