Need help with resource type

I am trying get started in concourse. So pardon me for any mistakes

My requirement is to SSH to a linux server and run the echo command.
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- name: staging-server
  type: ssh
    user: root
    password: "XXXaaaBBB"

- name: echo
  - put: staging-server
      interpreter: /bin/sh
      script: |
        echo "Hello Sam"

But i am getting the below error:

 "no workers satisfying: resource type 'ssh'"

available worked:

  - platform 'linux'
 -  platform 'linux'

Kindly help


Hello, please edit your post, it is not very readable at the moment.

Use the </> button above the input field to format your code, command line output or error message (select the text first, then click the button or wrap it in ````` manually). Check the preview if it looks better. This will make sure your text is readable and if it recognizes the programming language it also automatically adds code syntax highlighting. Thanks.


ssh is not a built-in resource type. To get this to work you will need to specify what resource you are referring to in your pipeline.yml.


Does it look better now ?