Mount: /sys/fs/cgroup: permission denied


When creating a task as a privileged container, with an ECR based container I receive this error message: mount: /sys/fs/cgroup: permission denied.

Has anyone run into this before? I’m running Concourse on Kubernetes and using the stable helm chart. I’m on version 4.2.3 - The Concourse worker pods on Kubernetes are running as privileged also.

This issue may be related: - as I do see /tmp/garden-int running as: 4294967294 - if its not running as root, I’d assume I can’t get to /sys/fs/cgroup

Thanks in advance.



I’ve resolved this - I found what I was trying to do, pass a resource-type to a task in a separate file did not work. Making the resource type in the task instead, worked. I didn’t realize we can’t pass main pipeline yaml image resources to tasks.