Missing documentation for fly


this doesn’t mention the options

-v, --version Print the version of Fly and exit
–verbose Print API requests and responses
–print-table-headers Print table headers even for redirected output

and I think it should.

this is a common pattern in the docs, they rely too heavily on people typing “command --help” and hoping that the very abbreviated one line summary of the options are clear.

and when you run “concourse --help” it’s very abbreviated… it would be useful if you could get a list of environment variables which it will accept in lieue of command line options.

sorry, I don’t want to rant, but concourse is a great tool and these things make it harder to love it.

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Second this…It would be good as well to have a centralized documentation for the all the different fly commands. Not having centralized docs is a big barrier to entry imo.