Minimum system/hardware requirement to host Concourse on Kubernetes cluster

Hello All, we are running a concourse with helmchart on AWS inside a Kubernetes cluster and its working great so far…for few obvious reasons we need to deploy the concourse on a bare metal server hosted inside our company so would like to know “Minimum system/hardware configuration” it will be great if someone can point me to the infra/ops related concourse documentation.

The objective is to start with a stable concourse setup and then scale it for multiple teams as they on-board.

There are a couple of different ways to deploy Concourse.

The official docs provide instructions for deployment using the binary.

Quite a few people manage their Concourses using BOSH. You can find community-maintained docs here.

I’ve also seen it deployed using Docker Swarm.

There’s also a #deploying channel on the discord if you run into problems along the way.

The “deployment topology” section of the docs should also be useful:

The “deployment topology” link is not found. Can you point me to the right url ?

Sorry, we reorganized the docs a bit. All of this information is now separated onto the docs for each component: