Max containers reached after upgrade to 3.14.1


Hey, Since we upgraded from 3.14.0 to 3.14.1 we are constantly seeing the following max containers reached however the numbers given for the amount of containers seems to differer between fly -t concourse ws and fly -t concourse containers | wc -l and doing a count on the workers themselves reveals a different number again.
Has anyone any idea what could be going on and\or how to trouble shoot.


We too have hit this problem, but just in normal use - the container count is very inconsistent!

$ sudo -u centos fly -t aa containers | wc -l

$ sudo -u centos fly -t aa workers
name                  containers       platform  tags  team  state    version
concourse-worker-0    21               linux     none  none  running  2.1    
concourse-worker-1    12               linux     none  none  running  2.1    
concourse-worker-2    14               linux     none  none  running  2.1

that’s a discrepancy of 224 - 21 - 12 - 14, so 177 containers not accounted for.


I’ve noticed a distinct lack of troubleshooting help with concourse, particularly when you get errors like this, so I created this page:

if I can get an answer to how to solve the container problem, I’ll add the solution(s) to that wiki page.