Manual gate for deploy job

Hi There!

I am a kind of new to concourse but have CICD background with other tools like GoCD and Jenkins. I am trying to configure a manual gate infront of QA deploy job once after dev deployment occurs successfully.

Is there any reference available to me to look into advanced manual gate configurations for picking the particular version while there are multiple versions of code waiting in queue for deployment and any time out setting on the queue?

FYI - I was referring to the below ship-it documentation but that’s not exactly what I need to achieve. Appreciate your help!


Hi @srihari_bobilla
If you’re looking for a way to specify a version of a Concourse resource a Concourse job should consume, then you could pin a resource.

This is a doc reference for pinning a resource using fly -

You can also pin a resource directly in the UI by visiting the resources page and clicking the pin icon

Make “qa_deploy” only get versions that have passed “dev_deploy”. Then set trigger to false on “qa_deploy”, so it will only run if triggered manually.

Another way I have done this is to have a QA deploy job trigger automatically based on some manifest file containing a version to deploy that lives in git. When you want to deploy QA, update the manifest file to the last good version in dev and send a PR. Merging the PR is the manual gate.