Managing containers through Garden itself

Hi all,

Apologies if the question seems odd, I’m in the process of learning Concourse myself for my company, as we rely heavily on it for our CI.
Our pipeline is very docker heavy, and integration testing currently uses DCIND.

We feel that as we throw more and more at concourse, our pipelines start to become incrementally slower, and we’re exploring venues to speed them up.
One option we’re exploring is to integrate our pipelines directly with the Garden container stack that Concourse uses, in an effort to ditch DCIND and streamline and improve our CI.

In our minds we were hoping to package Gaol(a Garden CLI orchestration tool) into a docker image to then attempt to manage the very same Garden stack that Concourse uses.
This way we could in theory remove DCIND and with it one container level.

I have looked for information on how to achieve this but alas I couldn’t find any.
Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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