Low worker resource utilisation -> slow builds

we are currently using concourse 3.14 with 3 workers configured but our builds are terribly slow. We have 8CPU 30GB ram memory machines but concourse obviously doesn’t utilize them. Seems that build is running on single CPU with 8GB mem consumption.

Do we need to provide some specific configuration?

Is it possible to configure resources for certain tasks in pipeline. E.g. some steps would benefit from having resources in their disposal e.g. compilation (more cpu will parallelize pipeline)

Any hints will be appriciated.

Concourse doesn’t restrain the host (in case of Windows or Mac) or the container (in case of Linux) resources, your build script can use everything. For example, I build with ninja (https://ninja-build.org) under Concourse and it eats all the cores it can find.

So, I would look at your build scripts before: did you run the same script on the same workers without Concourse, to compare ?

Only thing I can think of are some resource limits set by the system you use to launch Concourse. For example, a plain systemd configuration file will have a very limited number of open files. Again, this is not Concourse, it is how you launch it.

Your post doesn’t give any detailed information, so it is hard to help you more.

Hello Marco-m I know this is an old post but I’m working setting up concourse ci on centos, I hope to share it once I have everything working end to end. In all the examples I found online for running concourse as a systemd service, all the service definitions look very minimal.

Are you able to comment any further on what settings you might (or do configure?)

Thank you