Logging in to remote fly when copy / past is disabled in the browser

Hi, I created this issue in concourse/concourse: https://github.com/concourse/concourse/issues/4914

The short version is that I have a situation where my team works on a jump box (so we are using a remote fly CLI), and the organization we’re working with disables automated copy & paste in the browser. Right now we have to inspect the page source in order to get the token, and we’re wondering if it would be possible to expose the token in a text box similar to how Github does repository URLs. Manual (ctrl+c) copying works fine, it’s just the javascript-based copying that is disabled.

I looked around and didn’t see any similar conversations here or in Github.

We’re running the Concourse 5.5.3 BOSH release as distributed by Pivotal in case that matters.

There used to be a /sky/token endpoint that would return the token but it looks like it was removed earlier this year. Seems like this would make a good feature request to get it added back in.