Logged in with LDAP but cannot do anything


I logged in Concourse with LDAP account, and I have done set-team with my LDAP username:

$ ../fly -t first targets
name   url                        team  expiry
first  main  Thu, 29 Nov 2018 04:21:06 UTC
ldap  main  Thu, 29 Nov 2018 04:56:57 UTC
$ ../fly -t first teams -d
name  users       groups
main  ldap:chaol  ldap:devtools
$ ../fly -t ldap teams -d
name  users  groups

Where first is the target I logged in with local username, ldap is the target I logged in with LDAP username. With first target I have done set-team and teams shows my LDAP username and group, but with ldap target, teams shows nothing. And when I run set-pipeline with ldap target, the fly command returns error: forbidden.

What did you miss? How can I set-pipeline with my LDAP username?


Let me self answer.

The problem is that, I logged in Web GUI first, then I did fly login. At this time, fly gave a callback URL, and when I copied the URL to browser, it directly showed “login successfully” without asking me to input user/pass again.

The solution is, I logged out Web GUI, then run “fly login” and login with my LDAP user/pass.