Links to external sources when hitting on_success


Not sure if this is relevant to this forum. I’m looking to spit out links to external sources like Kibana and Grafana when a task has hit on_success.

Is it simple as using image_resource with busybox and echoing a link?


Anything you can do in a normal job step can be done in on_success. You can also do multiple things by nesting under a do.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to do. If you run a task in the on_success that echos out links they will only appear in the stdout of the job and will not be persisted anywhere else. To persist the links to be used in other jobs or elsewhere you will need to put them to a resource.

Thanks for the reply. on_success I want to output a static url which the user can click to take them to a remote source.

Example: Docker image is build, deployed and on_success will output a Kibana URL for the user to see the logs from the deployment

This can be done but the implementation depends on what you mean by ‘output’. You can run a task in on_success that echos the link out but that would only be in the Concourse task output for that run. To send it elsewhere you would need to put the URL to something like the slack resource or the email resource.