Kubes Backend Sitrep?

Hi folks,

How are things going with the work to try using Kubernetes primitives as a back end? I’ve had a look at the GitHub kanban board thing, and I think it looks like it’s not actively being worked on? There’s a paused task that I think has been in that state for a while.

I ask as I was in a conversation about trying to use Cloud Run/Knative to schedule check containers, and I figured these sort of serverless shenanigans will be more approachable if Kubes itself is supported as a backend (like, presumably then there’ll be clearer abstractions).

Apologies if I’m missing a source of high-level Concourse updates - I had a look for James Ma’s Medium posts, but they seem to have fallen by the wayside. I had a look in the blog section and couldn’t see anything relating to Kubes, but then the posts seemed out of order and I may have missed one. I am a bit of numpty, so these things happen.

It’s still being worked on. Most of the work right now is refactoring to make it easier to support multiple backends.

The refactor is a draft PR here: https://github.com/concourse/concourse/pull/4825

It’s a lot of up-front work right now but I suspect momentum will increase afterwards. We’ve done a lot of spiking and validation to and proof-of-concepts already.

Awesome, ta for the pointer.