Join us in Discord!


We’re going to start using Discord for real-time chat!

Use this invite to join in:

We’re really excited to start building a community on Discord. Despite being built for gaming, the very same things that make it great for gaming communities make it great for OSS communities: first-class support for public servers, being able to use a single account and browser tab for many servers, easily discoverable channels, more flexible moderation, and overall being very polished and packed with a ton of cute features.

In general we recommend making a topic on these forums for long-form discussions and open-ended support, and using Discord when that feels too heavyweight. The core team will be hanging out on both, so it’s really just a matter of using what’s convenient for you. Bear in mind, though, that there are no threads in Discord, and getting a response is subject to timezone overlap (and people being, like, there). If your message gets lost in the scrollback you may want to just use these forums instead.

Why switch from Slack?

We’ve been using Slack for a long time now, and to sum things up, it’s never felt like it scaled well for us or the community.

A lot of the points I would cover are already covered in React.js’s announcement of making the same switch. The scariest part of this was that React’s Slack was suddenly shut down because they had too many members. Honestly I don’t expect that to happen to us soon (React had 2x the members as our Slack), but it really highlights that our usage of Slack is not valued by Slack themselves. (Which is fine! They’re free to focus on whatever customers make them successful.)

One thing to note is that since React’s announcement Discord has implemented search, which seems to go back through the entire history, but I’m not sure. This was something that we could never have with Slack, as our only option was the free plan which is limited to 10k rolling window of history. Paying is per-member, which for an OSS project with thousands of members, is prohibitively expensive. This was a recurring pain point and resulted in the same questions being asked and answered over and over.

In general, Discord as a product has been improving at a much quicker pace and in areas that are more relevant to our use case.

Welcome to the Concourse community!