Is it possible to show commits on the git resource?

This is my use-case:
I have a pretty large pipeline. It is triggered by commits from a git repo. Some jobs take a pretty long time so it can happen that there are multiple versions of my git resource in flight.

Now my problem is that I can’t easily see which commit has reached which job yet, it only shows as “my-git-resource” and I have to click it in the UI so see its actual commit.
So in my pipeline I have e.g. 10 jobs, 3 are deploying commit A, 5 jobs are deploying B and 2 are deploying commit C. There is just no way to see which commit is where at first glance.

Is it possible to show the commit (maybe as a short ref) on the UI? If not, wouldn’t that be a great feature to have??

Your thoughts?

Does clicking on the actual git resource and opening the version to see which jobs a particular commit has been through fill this particular need? I realise that isn’t really dynamic/something you can put on a dashboard but it is a cool feature if you just want to know “where has this version of a resource got to”

where has this version of a resource got to

yes, that’s exactly my point. My issue is I have a huge pipeline with multiple jobs running at the same time. Every time a new commit comes in, it slowly moves from left to right.
Currently, however I need to click the git resource and open a sub-menu to see the actual version at one specific location in the pipeline. This is really tedious because you end up clicking dozens of times from left to right until you find the position of the commit you are looking for.

It would be really cool to see not just the name of the git resource but also its version right on the pipeline graph. This way you would see at first glance that job A is already at commit X while job B is still deploying commit X-1 and job C is even slower at commit X-2 etc.

Have you tried using the resource view? Like this

Hi Andy, thanks for your response.
Yes, I know that view. It sort of turns the problem around but does not solve it either. It shows me for a specific commit which job it has reached. However, if a commit has not yet reached a job, it won’t show in the list. So then you expand the previous commit, search for the job, then its predecessor and so forth.

I would like to see all jobs with their commits instead of all commits with their jobs :slight_smile:

IMHO the only place to have this would be the pipeline view. That’s the only view that shows both all jobs and their inputs.