Invalid request attempting to upload docker image


I am trying to use the registry-image-resource to upload a docker image to I see the image get created and I was even able to get the image.tar and inspect it. I am getting the following error when attempting to upload:

ERRO[0005] failed to upload image: INVALID_REQUEST: "Invalid request" 

I can tell that it is contacting quay successfully because if I intentionally corrupt my password, I get a different error. The resource also seems to know something about the layers already on quay because I manually uploaded the image via docker push and after that the registry started logging “existing blob” messages. Here is my put step:

  - put: ci-builder-image
    params: {image: image/image.tar}
    get_params: {format: oci}

Could I get some pointers on how to troubleshoot this?


Hello, welcome to Concourse!

I can think of two things you could try to troubleshoot:

  1. enable debug in the “Source configuration”, see
  2. try to push to the docker hub, just to compare the error behavior.

Are you sure that the registry-image resource supports that get_param ?

Thank you Marco!

Does turning on debugging show up in the Concourse UI or are there some backend logs? I turned it on but I’m not seeing any different output.

I tried removing the get_param but I think that’s just used on the implicit get after the put. I didn’t see any difference.

I’ll try pushing to docker hub next.

Thanks again!