Installing Concourse on AWS


I want to install Concourse onto AWS, and was hoping one of you lovely people could aid me in doing so?

Any advice you could give me or documentation you could point me at would be very helpful indeed.

Many thanks people! :slight_smile:


Hi @johnmorsley, welcome to the forum!

There’s several ways you can deploy Concourse. The general installation docs are here.

The most basic ways are running the go binaries normally or docker compose. But being on AWS I assume you’re looking for a more robust solution though. The two most common solutions are to use either BOSH or Kubernetes to deploy a clustered Concourse.

I have no experience deploying it with K8S but here is the helm chart:

With BOSH you can get some sample manifests and ops files from

At EngineerBetter we’ve made a tool that can deploy a BOSH director and a Concourse to AWS in one command. It also gives you a credhub and sets a pipeline that will update the Concourse for you. Check it out at

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-1 to Kubernetes and BOSH

+1 to ASGs with Concourse VMs

I much prefer running it natively, on a AWS VM. There is no advantage to putting Concourse inside containers, just adding another layer of indirection and networking complexity etc.

Concourse workers want to use all the resources on the VM they’re running from. The last thing I want to do is be managing a concourse worker’s load amongst a bunch of other competing containers.

Concourse is very easy to install and configure with basic shell scripting.


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