Impression using Global Resource


I tried to use Global Resource.


  • Global Resource is a happy function for operators and users.


We are responding to managing internal Concourse.
One of the difficulties for operating is the drastic increase in “resource check container”
We set 12h as resource-check-interval.
So, our concourse screams once per 12 hours.
Global Resource is likely to solve this difficulty. Thanks!!


I referenced docs/global-resources.lit at v5.0 · concourse/docs.

Some resources should opt-out

The time-resource will not be available?
I tried to use time-resource in 5.0 by passing the --enable-global-resource.
The time-resource can trigger normally.


Thanks for the feedback, I’m really glad to hear it helps your difficulty with Concourse!

If you have a lot of duplicate resources across teams in your Concourse deployment, global resources will help with reducing the number of resource checks. The time-resource will still be available after v5.0.0, the difference is that the time-resource, by default, will not share versions and each time-resource will have it’s own resource checks. Let me know if you want me to explain further into why the time-resource is a special case!


Thanks for your description!
I know the reason time-resource is a special case.

But I have one question :raising_hand_woman:
What happens if I use the time-resource with GlobalResource?
Are not versions shared only?
I hope to trigger Job with the time-resource though.


Yup! If you have global resources enabled, any time-resources will not share versions but still trigger Jobs as intended.


My anxieties are resolved:+1:



@clarafu One thing to confirm. Say if have private git repo, and I use it to trigger a pipeline. If somebody gets to know my repo URL, he cannot git clone my repo. But with global resource, if he set a pipeline refer to my private repo, he will get my repo from the global resource. Is that true?