How to turn off Google Analytics prompt

I’m using concourse v.5.7.0, in the previous version I had exported NG_ANALYTICS=ci and during the build I didn’t get the below message:

Would you like to share anonymous usage data about this project with the Angular Team at
 Google under Google’s Privacy Policy at For more

Now in this version I can’t ignore it and my build is stuck. I’ve tried to set the variable with “export” as a parameter and as ad-hoc command, but nothing helps - the message is still appearing during the build. Can you please suggest something ?

I assume the NG_ANALYTICS env var is consumed by something that you are running in a task since it isn’t used by Concourse itself.

Generally the way env vars are provided to tasks hasn’t changed since I started using Concourse on v1.4. You should be able to define params on the task definition in the pipeline and in the task definition which will result in the var being exported in the task container.

# in pipeline.yml
- task: do-a-thing
  file: /path/to/task.yml

# in task.yml
platform: linux

Can you post the pipeline code that isn’t working for you? Have you tried intercepting the running container to see what is exported when it hangs?

It has nothing to do with Concourse at first glance, since it depends on the docker image you’re using to run Angular CLI.

Here I put that line in my angular build script:

export NG_CLI_ANALYTICS=false