How to run maven command in Concourse task run config

I am new to concourse. Can someone please take a look at the below concourse task run arguments to make sure I am running things right?

I am trying to run mvn command in concourse , please see below the mvn command that I run in terminal successfully. Could use help from someone to correct my concourse script below it?

MVN command I run today in terminal is export ENVIRONMENT=development NODE_ENV=local; mvn clean verify

I need to run similar command in concourse task in run configuration. Please see below and let me know if this is correct? I don’t have access to concourse so can’t check by myself.

            path: /usr/bin/mvn
            dir: pr
              - -exc
              - |
              - export
                  AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = "((aws.key))"
                  AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = "((aws.secret))"
              - clean 
              - verify

I don’t think that’s quite right. In yaml - | indicates the start of a multiline string so having the subsequent lines also start with - probably won’t do what you expect. Also, it looks like the command you want to run is from shell not mvn. You can also use concourse params to get the env vars exported without needing to actually run export.

So you probably want something more like:

  AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: ((aws.key))
  AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: ((aws.secret))

  path: sh
  dir: pr
  - -euc
  - |
    mvn clean verify

Note that I’m not a Java dev and don’t know if my maven syntax is right.