How to lower the time between builds?

Hello, I have a pipeline which basically sends http curl request to an api. I’m using time plugin for scheduling the builds to start on each 20s. Unfortunately each build is started minute after the last build was finished. How can I lower the time interval between builds ?

Concourse only checks for new versions of a resource once per minute by default. You can configure this with the check_every param on the resource definition.

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@crsimmons it seems that the check_every param is not working after concourse version 6.6.0. I’ve just updated my concourse version and the builds are started on each minute as it is by default. Any suggestions?
Here’s my definition:

  • name: check-every
    check_every: 20s
    type: time
    source: {interval: 20s}
  • name: deploy-heartbeat-trigger
    public: true
    days: 1
    • get: check-every
      trigger: true

Here are the poll time intervals:

That sounds like a potential bug in Concourse. I’d recommend opening a github issue for it.

I’ve opened the bug, but the strange thing is that even in the example tutorial, this is not working:

I ran into this myself recently. I think what’s happening is that now check_every just puts the check in the LIDAR queue on each interval but the check doesn’t necessarily happen immediately. As of Concourse 6.0 LIDAR is on by default and is the only option for check scheduling which explains the change in behaviour. I couldn’t figure out a way around it.