How to implement versioning ion concourse

I need help on configuring Versioning on Concourse?

It isn’t clear what you are trying to do. What part of Concourse do you want to version?

How to implement versioning for AWS ECR images on Concourse pipleline
I need a resource for versioning.

Assuming you’re wanting to pull/push images from/to ECR then docker image resource or the registry image resource should do what you want and handle version tracking for you.

you are not getting what I am asking is - I need how to implement the versioning in Concourse for my AWS ECR images
Ex - AWS-ECR-image:0.0.1

I’m fairly sure that is exactly what I was describing.

In Concourse, the purpose of resources is to keep track of different versions of external objects and allow you to update/retrieve them in jobs. When you define a resource of type docker-image and point it to an image in a registry like ECR/dockerhub the resource will reach out and discover versions of that image for you. These versions will appear in the UI as something like digest sha256:aaabbb or version: 0.0.1. The resource then polls the registry every minute (by default) looking for new versions. If it finds a new version it will add that version to the list of versions displayed in the UI.

Resources themselves are just docker images containing the scripts to do check, in, and out actions so I’m not sure what it would mean to version the resource itself.

If the existing resource types don’t do what you need you can always implement your own.

Do you have an idea on semver?

Whether a resource produces a version list based on semver depends on the implementation of the resource.

If you want to version something produced by your pipeline using semver then you can check out the semver resource.

Okay, I will look into that.